Driver's CPC

You must now complete a three-part CPC exam if you wish to drive for reward, or if you wish to obtain your Category C,C1,CE, D, or D1 licence early. You are not required to complete this exam if you do not intend to drive for reward, or if you are of sufficient age to receive your licence without it, regardless of which licence category you hold. Part 1 and 2 can be booked online, or by calling 1890 606 106. Part 3 can be booked through the RSA.

You must pass both Parts 1 and 2 before you can attempt Part 3.

Part 1 Driver CPC Multiple Choice Questions €72
Part 2 Driver Case Study €72
Part 3 RSA Practical CPC €32

TIP: You need an appropriate vehicle to complete Part 3 of the CPC exam. It is best to sit Part 3 on the same day as your driving test for cost and convenience. If you book the driving test and Part 3 of the CPC exam at the same time, both will be scheduled for the same day. We offer rental services for Category C and CE vehicles for both driving tests and practical CPC exams.

After completing your driving test and three-part CPC exam, you must complete a yearly module to ensure your CPC is kept valid. We recommend booking this with Pat Donovan CPC Training.