EDT Information

EDT (Essential Driver Training) is a mandatory training course that was introduced by the RSA to promote road safety among learner drivers. If your first Category B learner permit was issued on or after 4th April 2011, you must complete 12 mandatory EDT lessons in order to take your driving test.

Each lesson is one hour long and must be administered by a registered ADI. Your ADI will issue you a logbook, which will be stamped and filled out after each lesson with practice tips for your next lesson. You must produce your learner permit before each lesson.

You should read and be aware of what each lesson consists of to benefit the most from the course. Note that lessons 1 through 8 must be taken in sequence, but lessons 9 through 12 can be taken in any order.

Lesson 1 Car Controls and Safety Checks
Lesson 2 Correct Positioning
Lesson 3 Changing Direction 
Lesson 4  Progression Management 
Lesson 5  Correct Positioning 
Lesson 6  Anticipation and Reaction 
Lesson 7  Sharing the Road 
Lesson 8  Driving Safely Through Traffic 
Lesson 9  Changing Direction (More Complex Situations) 
Lesson 10  Speed Management 
Lesson 11  Driving Calmly 
Lesson 12  Night Time Driving

We recommend that you practise in between each lesson in order to master each step. The EDT course is best spread out over a six month period to give yourself time to develop the skills you will need, whilst working with your instructor to become a confident, safe driver.