The Driving Test

We offer pre-test lessons to help you prepare for your RSA Driving Test.  

You will be tested on: Moving off in Traffic, Stopping, Performing a 3-Point Turn, Reversing Around a Corner, Starting/Taking off on a Hill, and Parking. 

Other aspects of the test will include: Road Positioning, Overtaking and Passing, Progress, Speed, Use of Mirrors and Indicators, Anticipation and Observation, Compliance with Traffic Lights, Road Signs and Markings, and Use of Vehicle Controls (Accelerator, Clutch, Gears, Brakes, and Steering). 

You may receive three possible marks during your test:

  • A Green, or Grade 1, is minor and will not affect the outcome of your test.
  • A Blue, or Grade 2, is more serious, and will affect the outcome of your test if you receive too many.
  • Red, or Grade 3, signifies a serious and potentially dangerous mistake, and will automatically result in a failing grade.

Below is a sample of the RSA Driving Test Report.
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  • RSA driving test sheetRSA driving test sheet
  • RSA driving test sheetRSA driving test sheet